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Offering UAE Disinfection Services for Offices & Homes

Licensed, well-trained Professionals

Non-toxic Hospital-Grade disinfectants

Kills 99.99% Bacteria and Viruses

No rinse or wipe required.


What do they say?

"Honestly the most thorough cleaning service out there, and Ive tried a LOT of them. My place has never been cleaner, if disinfectants get rid of 99.9% germs, then Helpling gets rid of the last 0.1%!"


"Very pleased with the overall service. The agent was very friendly and the cleaner was right on time. The service was done swiftly and left no rooms for complaints. Thank you"


"Was skeptical at first about getting disinfection of my house but after the service. What I can only say is a remarkable job, all the regulations and precautions were followed and I really feel more at ease staying at home."


(real reviews)

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Phew. You are now in a virus-free  and bacteria-free environment!




How does it work?


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More information on Standby Cleaning & DisinfectionMore information on Residential DisinfectionMore information on Corporate/ Office Disinfection